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Kenny Wortman for Commissioner
Kenny Wortman
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Kenny Wortman has been a resident of Cabarrus County for almost 30 years. He is a 2001 graduate of Northwest Cabarrus High School, and has spent the majority of his adult life helping the community. Kenny is first and foremost a husband, father, and Christian. He is married to his beautiful wife Amanda, and has five children.

Kenny has a degree in Fire Science Engineering and a degree in Mortuary Science. He has studied at Western Carolina for Emergency Management, Appalachian State University for secondary education, and Eastern Kentucky University for Arson and Bomb explosion investigation. Kenny has held certifications from firefighting, to EMT, to confined space, HAZMAT technician, fire instructor, swift water rescue, and various FEMA certifications.

Kenny Worman started his adult life as a 3rd shift supervisor for UPS in Charlotte, NC. He left UPS to join the Salisbury Fire Department, where he achieved the rank of Captain. After the fire service Kenny pursued another dream in serving his community. He currently works as a licensed funeral director at Hankins and Whittington Funeral in Charlotte.

Kenny spends most of his time helping families in their worst time of need, and providing the community with a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. Kenny attends Venture Church in Harrisburg. In 2017 he traveled to Texas to assist families rebuild after hurricane Harvey. He spent multiple years as a baseball umpire and basketball referee for youth sports in Concord. He is an active member of the Republican Party and currently serves as Secretary of the Cabarrus Republican Men’s Club.

In his spare time, Kenny Wortman enjoys spending time with his wife and children, attending their sporting events, and staying involved with the community. Kenny has been a very proactive parent and community leader focused on holding Cabarrus County Schools accountable for what is being taught in the classroom. He is not a career politician, but has the life experience and determination to lead Cabarrus County in a positive direction.

My Focus Issues

Small Business Supporter

Small Business Supporter

As Cabarrus County grows and welcomes businesses, box-stores, and out-of-state corporations, the business climate in the county can overshadow and forget the small mom & pop businesses that have been the foundation for commerce in our county. I am running to ensure small businesses thrive, and when possible, our county purchase goods and services from Cabarrus-owned businesses. Tax incentives are used to attract new jobs to the county. I support budget policies that help business owners and service providers already here.  When a business can claim “Made in Cabarrus” we should be rewarding them for their investment into our county.

Voter ID

Election Integrity

The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right. I support Voter ID, strict absentee ballot deadlines aligned with election day, and the elimination of outside private funding used at the Cabarrus County Board of Elections to ensure a safe and secure election process. 

2nd Amendment

Pro 2nd Amendment

The right of the people to keep and bear arms, “shall not be infringed”.  Shall is used in formal writing and refers to future tense. It does not say “should not,” “may not,” or “might not.” The Founding Fathers used shall to underscore the importance of this right. I will be a strong advocate for gun owners (and future gun owners) to make sure it will not be infringed in Cabarrus County.

Make a Difference

Teacher Supplements

After working so closely with Cabarrus County Schools over the last two years I can honestly say we have some of the best teachers in the state.  They should be getting more than a 1/2 a percent increase in their annual supplement. If we expect our County staff to recruit quality teaching professionals we must be able to compete against Mecklenburg County’s higher compensation package. Not only do we want our Superintendent of Schools to hire great prospects, but we must also be able to retain staff already teaching in our district.

Teaching can be a thankless job at times, especially given the challenges of the last two years. Long hours, dwindling respect, and low pay will not keep our Cabarrus Teachers. I am running to trim the budget and find creative ways to get teachers a competitive annual supplement.

I support school choice and the rights of parents to select a school that meets their child’s educational needs when our local public schools fail to meet those expectations. 

Cabarrus County Sheriff

Immigration Enforcement

I believe that we need to do all we can to ensure that everyone that comes across the border, comes here legally. I support the hard-working men and women at the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department that work to keep us safe. I commit to providing them with all the resources needed to keep our community safe.  I support Sheriff Shaw and his work with ICE to keep violent illegals out of our community. 

Cabarrus Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives & Growth

Cabarrus County continues to offer outrageous tax incentives to create new jobs and investments. The truth is we don’t have to offer incentives while getting a small return on our investment. A recent study by N.C. State University researchers show the economic costs of corporate tax incentives outweigh their benefits. Business executives list 14 factors more important than incentives when they are selecting a site for expansion. Cabarrus County’s economic development policies were once the most innovative in the state, but it has been a long time since they were revised.  If incentives are going to be offered, there should be stipulations such as a percentage of the workforce will be Cabarrus residents.  We are one of the fastest-growing counties in North Carolina, so someone should be negotiating to achieve a more substantial win-win solution to benefit all county residents. 

Cabarrus EMS

Emergency First Responders

First responders have some of the most dangerous occupations possible.  They sacrifice their time, families, and bodies to protect our community. Their pay should reflect the sacrifices they make.  I plan to prioritize funding to Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department and Emergency Responders to retain staff and seek more competitive compensation for our first responders.

Reform Government

Cabarrus Health Alliance

The pandemic exposed the flaw of operating our County’s Public Health Department as an autonomous government nonprofit agency. With no local accountability or local oversight by elected officials, the Cabarrus Health Alliance answered only to Governor Cooper’s administration. They failed to effectively work with our School Board to welcome children back to the classroom.

When elected as your County Commissioner, I will make it a priority to champion a review and feasibility study restructuring the Cabarrus Health Alliance so we have more accountability and oversight by our  elected officials. 

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Kenny Wortman for Commissioner
Kenny Wortman

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